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Butcher shop in Chelmsford

A wide selection of fresh meat butchered on the premises. 

Experienced butchers 

Do you need a supplier of quality meats? Get in touch with the expert butchers at Milbury Meats. We can supply an exceptional range of meats that are of high quality. With over 30 years of experience we are one of the leading butcher shops in Chelmsford. We supply poultry, game, beef, pork and much more. Call us today to discuss your needs. All our meat is butchered on premises. 
Shin of beef


  • Shin of beef: for stews & casseroles
  • Chuck Steak: sliced or diced for braising & stewing
  • Brisket: for pot roast, slow roasting & barbecuing 
  • Fore rib: for roasting on the bone or boned & rolled and just eye of the joint for rib eye steak
  • Rump: for grilling & frying
  • Sirloin: for roasting on the bone or boneless or cut into steaks for grilling or frying
  • Fillet: in one piece for en croute recipes or cut into steaks


  • We have a range of veal cuts including chops, escalopes, diced veal and calves liver. Other cuts can be supplied to order.

Blythburgh Free Range Pork

  • Loin: left whole for roasting or cut into individual chops it can boned for steaks or boneless joint
  • Leg: for a lean roasting joint
  • Shoulder: for slow roasting, pulled pork or cut into spare rib chops
  • Belly: for slow roasting in a joint, cut into slices or delicious spare ribs 
  • Fillet: cut into medallions or whole as a tenderloin  


  • Leg: for roasting bone in or boned & rolled or ideal for barbecuing when butterflied 
  • Shoulder: for slow roasting or ideal for Greek dishes such as kleftico 
  • Rack: French trimmed as chops or as a joint for roasting
  • Loin: cut into chops single or double marinated or plain
  • Chump: bone in chops or boneless lamb rump
  • Breast: bone in or boned & rolled for roasting


  • Whole or cut in ½ or ¼ 
  • Breast: for roasting, grilling or frying
  • Leg: for roasting
  • Drumsticks & Thighs: for grilling, roasting and ideal for barbecuing
  • Whole for roasting
  • Breast: for roasting, boneless, plain or stuffed with our home-made stuffing, or cut into steaks for frying
  • Leg: for stews & casseroles, diced or rolled for roasting
  • Whole for roasting
  • Breast: for roasting, grilling or frying
  • Leg: for roasting
  • Various game can be supplied to order Pheasant, Partridge, Pigeon and Venison many more available.
  • We also have a deli and bakery on premises. 
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Butcher shop with experienced butchers in Chelmsford, feel free to contact Milbury Meats for a range of meats. Call us on 
01245 353 435
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