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Meat for all your BBQ recipes in Chelmsford

BBQ ribs, kebabs, burgers and more, in and around Chelmsford, Galleywood, Danbury and Stock.

Having a barbecue party?

If you are having a barbecue and require marinated meats, get in touch with Milbury Meats. We supply a range of BBQ ribs, handmade kebabs, marinated chicken, pork, lamb & beef. Our most popular sausage is a traditional country pork roll made from prime cuts of pork. We also make a range of home-made lamb and mint burgers. Speak to us and place and discuss your needs if you require a large order. 
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BBQ Packs

  • Small Pack: 
    • 6 x Large pork sausages 
    • 6 x Lamb kofte kebabs
    • 6 x Chinese style pork steaks
    • For £10.00

  • Large Pack: 
    • 6 x Large pork sausages
    • 6 x Lamb kofte kebabs
    • 6 x Chinese style pork steaks
    • 6 x Chicken drumsticks
    • 6 x ¼ lb Beef burgers
    • For £16.00
  • 10 Small minted lamb chops £7.95
  • 10 Chinese style pork steaks £6.00
  • 6 Lamb kofte kebabs £4.00

  • Special offer 
    • 10 Large lamb & mint burgers £6.00
beef burger

Our gluten-free range

We have a gluten-free range of beef burgers and pork sausages, so you can cater your BBQ recipes to all dietary preferences. You can also rely on us for supply of fresh meat from our butchers shop
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For a wide range of BBQ supplies and packs contact Milbury Meats. We are located in Chelmsford and serve across Galleywood and Stock 
01245 353 435
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